Our Belives

Thank you so much for visiting with us and for taking the time to learn a little bit about our Gospel Centered Community Church. It will probably take a few visits to figure out if this is the place where God has called you to connect and serve; allow me to highlight a few things that make this community church unique.

  • Submission to biblical authority. Here at ICF Marbella, we believe that God´s word is inerrant, infallible and authoritative – but at the end of the day, piling up fancy words means nothing if you don’t also demonstrate that in the way you do life and worship`. You will feel the priority of God´s Word in the way that we worship and, in the way, that we organise our lives.
  • Multi-generational by design. We believe that there is incredible value in placing young people beside older people. You will hear worship styles from more than one narrow bandwidth when we come together to seek The Lord. We do a lot of things specifically to make space for young families. We are committed to finding ways of making diversity and unity work together as we are Christians of all ages and many nationalities.
  • Intensely local mission. We believe God has put us in Marbella for a reason. Whilst in the past we have had many people who travel here from other cities and countries, the focus of this church is on Marbella (Expat and Local Community- Jew and Gentile, One in Messiah) as our mission field. We think of ourselves sent to Marbella, even as we do “send” mission overseas. We believe it is critical for every true, born again follower of Jesus Christ /Yeshua to connect in tribe with a local church. Let us know how we can begin to serve and deploy you for your good and for His Glory.


Worship & the Word of God

Saturdays 17.00 - 20.00 ____________________________________ Sala 3 - Ground Floor

Prayers and Counselling

Tuesday 18.00 - 20.00 ____________________________________ Appointment only - Upper Room

Bible Study and Prayer

Wednesday - on standby


 We go to church on Saturday because it is biblical and Sunday church attendance is not. While God welcomes worship every day of the week, He set aside the seventh day as a special day of rest. This day is called the Sabbath and corresponds with Saturday. It was given to humankind at creation, about 2,000 years before the Jewish people existed (Genesis 2:1-3). Jesus said the “Sabbath was made for man”—not just for Jews (Mark 2:27).

At creation, God performed three deliberate acts to make the seventh day uniquely different from the other six—He rested, blessed, and sanctified the Sabbath (Genesis 2:2, 3). This is extremely significant.

Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones, Sala 3, José Meliá, 2, 29601 Marbella, Málaga.
(+34) 952 810 391

About us

Congratulations! We are so excited for you! Making the decision to follow Jesus Christ is the best decision you will ever make. Through this relationship, you will experience all God has in store for you.